Visual identity for eating and sharing together

Planche graphique présentant succinctement l'identité visuelle avec la charte graphique du projet design

The project in a few words

Client: MeltingCook
Sector of activity : Food
Skills : Webdesign – Audit – Benchmark – Ux/ui design – Graphic charter – Logo
Brief : Promote the concept of cooking all together with logo and website

Méthode client

1 – Customer brief
2 – Benchmark & Moodboard
3 – Proposals then validation of the logo according to customer feedback.
4 – Elaborate the wireframes then the models of the website
5 – Set up test sessions with users at the end of each sprint (user retrospective and A/B testing)
6 – Ensure graphic consistency with the development team
7 – Validation & Delivery

An identity based on living well together

This project is that of a person who wishes to share solid values with a large number of people. The idea is to be able to cook together and then leave with a share of the meal, or to eat together. An original project combining living together and a strong visual identity.

Getting to grips with food, but also with pigments. With pencils in hand as tools and my ideas as ingredients, 3 different visual identities were proposed to the client

It is also a webdesign and the development of the website in collaboration with a colleague. This identity with a handmade logo and colours inspired by fruits and vegetables, allows us to offer a real plate to the users.