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Tailor-made services for a personalised offer

Do you need help in conceptualising, developing, creating, managing or optimising your digital strategy? I will accompany you during your project. I intervene when and where you want me to. Upstream, in development, in the test phase and throughout the duration, I intervene on the desired project phase after analysis

I can help you on the long term or punctually on specific operations concerning your digital strategy: website showcase/e-commerce, brand image, UX/Ui design, webdesign, visual identity, content management, project management, training, etc. Working independently or as part of a team, I can offer you a wide range of skills.

Knowing my skills and services is good. Knowing what I do is better!


I put my creativity at the service of companies like yours to help you develop an impactful, memorable and authentic digital identity in order to position and differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive market. My mission is to satisfy you and guide you towards good digital practices. We all have a story to tell, and I will be happy to tell yours. Our collaboration will enable you to obtain a complete service for your digital strategy.

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Digital strategy

I accompany and/or train you in the creation and implementation of your digital strategy to help you achieve your goals. This brings together different services, it is a whole that allows you to achieve your wishes and desires.

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Concept & Design

As a true collaborator, I help you to implement your project ideas for your company. I make it a point of honour to work collaboratively with a visual management system that highlights the different areas of expertise. We will talk about matrixes and implementations: personas, market research, benchmarking, audit and more.

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Project management

I know how to manage a digital project thanks to my understanding of the different business logics. This enables me to manage a multidisciplinary team or a specific subject. I handle different types of management depending on the nature of the project in question.

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Visual identity & Logo

Reveal your identity and make your brand universe and values shine. I can help you create your visual identity: choice of colours, typography, shapes, etc. This allows you to make your company a unique brand.

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Communication media

I can help you choose and produce all your communication digital media to reveal the relevance of your company. All in accordance with the rules of ergonomics and design: brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, advertising, stationery, magazines, catalogues, etc.

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Communication planing

There are as many objectives as there are platforms. So I coordinate all your information to create a correlation between your objective, your needs and your scope of action. I set up an action plan that you can follow.

Pictogramme d'une téléphone avec utilisateur et un pinceau pour symboliser l'UX design

UX/Ui design

I like to create a link with the user. This is achieved through the accessibility we give them on a platform, usually your (future) application. This service goes beyond aesthetics, here I’m talking about persona, user testing, zoning, UX research, interaction design, user maps and prototyping.

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Need to give you visibility on the internet? Or maybe your site needs a makeover? I intervene on different levels for a top website: SEO, webdesign, UX design, application of your visual identity, etc.

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Content Management

The digital strategy also involves the creation and management of content. This written and/or visual content is on social networks (editorial charter and calendar), on your website (SEO referencing), in advertising (ads) and much more. So I propose to implement this content strategy on your existing or future media to highlight your message and achieve your goals.

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Constant creative watch

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Reactive in all circumstances

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Compliance with deadlines

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Work well done with passion