Training Booklet

Couverture du livret de formation de Benedicte Danzon, design autour de la typographie et de l'image
Livret de formation, partie design pour une catégorie

The project in a few words

Client: Bénédicte Danzon
Sector of activity: Training
Skill: Booklet
Brief: Highlighting all the training courses offered in a booklet

Customer method

1 – Customer brief
2 – Benchmark
3 – Study the existing situation
4 – Drawing up a functional and aesthetic proposal
5 – Carry out the first of the three parts
6 – Validate and ensure the application to other themes.
7 – Ensuring customer follow-up with regular reports (call and/or in writing repport)
8 – Validation & Delivery of the booklet in web and print format

A range of training courses in this booklet

Bénédicte Danzon is a person who offers a good number of training courses. It is always with the aim of improving well-being at work and management that a training book is needed. The stakes are high: it presents all the subtleties learned by the client.

The visual identity is not very present in the daily professional life of this sector. So, I create a booklet in the client’s colours while corresponding to its target: important to the images, the template, its main colour (orange), etc. A lot of information fills such a small book.