AHTOUPIE, a website between institution and creation

Page du site internet sur la presentation de l'association AHTOUPIE crée par charlène verrier design sur bordeaux
Page du site internet sur l'histoire de l'association AHTOUPIE crée par charlène verrier design sur bordeaux
Page de l'actualité de la micro creche de l'AHTOUPIE
Page du site internet de l'AHTOUPIE concernant l'accompagnement aux projets locaux

The project in a few words

Sector of activity: Social
Skills: Showcase website – UX/ui design – SEO – Benchmark – Auditing
Brief: Create a website to affirm their new positioning

Customer project

1 – Customer brief
2 – Benchmark & Moodboard
3 – Study the existing situation
4 – Create a redirection plan
5 – Respect the graphic charter
6 – Developing wireframes
7 – Elaborate the models of a few screens
8 – Take into account customer details and feedback
9 – Define the SEO strategy & tree structure
10 – Ensure good media referencing
11 – Designing pictograms and an image for the slider
12 – Setting up statistical tools
13 – Ensuring customer follow-up with regular reports (by telephone and/or in writing depending on availability)
14 – Validation & Delivery
15 – Train the team on how to use the website.
16 – Provide a training document

GIF du site internet de l'AHTOUPIE pour présenter le projet
Page contact du site internet de l'AHTOUPIE

The AHTOUPIE: an association between play and the social

The Association Horte et Tardoire Outils de Préfiguration Innovation Enfance, known as AHTOUPIE, is a structure founded by parents in 2005 in Chazelles (16) FRANCE. It is in order to promote the development of innovative projects that it responds to the needs of families. It also enables the creation of local projects and accompanies families thanks to their social living space. I created the first version of their website in 2015. Following the new objectives and redirection of the association, the website needs an update.

A more assertive image for AHTOUPIE

The only activity of the website is the publication of articles by the micro-crèche service, the game festival and local services. The rest of the content remains static for information purposes. The use of the website is redesigned to focus on the results of the association.

The work is done at different levels: reviewing the referencing and updating the technical and design aspects. Reviewing the design part to better correspond to institutional sites with a touch of creativity specific to the association is a demand from the client.

I take this opportunity to review the navigation and take a considerable step back on such an old work. It is with nostalgia and pleasure that the website has been rethought in all aspects of its (re)creation.