How to talk about your dreams and projects?

Talking, communicating, sharing your dreams and projects is a step forward. This step requires a lot of courage, desire and energy. Especially when it comes to having the opinion of others. And even more so when we take the risk to expose ourselves on the web. I still remember my surprise when Antoine asked me to join this facebook group as a moderator. Even today, I am amazed that I can put this part of my life in my « side projects« . A choice influences a lot in life, and this one, takes a big place in my heart.

This article is regularly updated to follow my adventure. I voluntarily kept the chronological order to allow the others to read this (future) paving stone.

Start with the desire for dreams and projects

In the introduction, when I talk about choices. I want to talk about Antoine’s: dedicating a group for this purpose for his own motivations. November 2020 is the symbolic month of this adventure. End of the year, end of projects, beginning of new dreams and new adventures for each person. No doubt a way to discuss our desires after this period of Covid.

I open my facebook account and receive a funny invitation « Join Neurchi de Rêves et Projets?« , invited by Antoine Lhote. It’s hard to describe my expression at this precise moment: how to combine « Rêves&Projets » and « Neurchi« ? I naturally think of hunting for projects, seeing how they sell and so on. My mouse goes to « Accept« , then clicks mechanically. Let’s go. I read a first publication, that of a person wishing to create a scenario and asking for advice. The publication is fresh, so there are few comments. I read a second publication, that of another person wanting feedback on his comic book projects. The comments are very qualitative and encourage the author. I read a third publication, that of a person presenting himself naturally. But where have I arrived? I oscillate between the pleasant sensation of surprise and the fear of revealing myself in a group, secret at the time, so open to discussion.

Thus, I got caught up in the game of encouragement, optimism and the desire to share. Opinions diverge while respecting the Other, private jokes begin to be born, then solidarity is born slowly and surely.

Imprime écran du groupe facebook rêves et projets par Charlène VERRIER

To contribute in my own way to the dreams&projects of everyone

Moderate and create useful content

I remember that morning, sitting quietly in the seat between two train cars, with a strange message. It was clear: to be part of the group’s moderation team? I was so surprised.

After discussion, « Yes » is the obvious answer. Following the integration in this superb team, I propose to give new content to the members of the group: according to the needs, to speak about the method, organization, well-being, and self-projection. This is reduced to personal development and project management. The members continue to introduce themselves, present their projects, and continue to talk about their evolutions.

I want to talk to people who are in a state of organizational limbo, people who want to move forward without having a navigational compass for their life plan, and people who know a lot of things but don’t know how to use them. Moderation is more about listening to others than about resolving differences.

Create a logo and project a visual identity

The group contains valuable members and contents: they are unique and are, in my eyes, like pearls. Everyone finds his or her account and reinforces the quality of the group. Following the events on the digital social network Facebook, this group becomes « Dreams and Projects » and opens to the visibility of all.

To establish the visual identity of the group and its atmosphere, a logo became a piece of good news for everyone: members, moderators, and our administrator.

Currently, I am looking for a template, a style for the publications of the group. The fiber is starting to come and the feedback is more constructive.

The learning loop: learning and unlearning

Rêves&Projets is the occasion to stay alert, whether it is for the requests of the members, the Facebook updates which earned us strategic reversals of choice, the reinvention of the publications and their programming, and various topics to ensure quality and expansion of the group.

I still remember this 360-degree turn: facebook updates its algorithm, we lose visibility in the news feed of our members: why? The answer is provided by Johan. He managed to explain what was happening at the time, and then made a decision: to go public and cut this link with the neurchisphère (french term).

Maybe this most enticing content will get the better of you: « Dreams & Projects makes possible what you have in your heart, thanks to the support and advice of the great members of the group. Ideal for scriptwriters, singers, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, artists … and the curious with a creative soul! But also for those who want to challenge themselves like losing weight, getting out of a difficult period, or quitting smoking. Between the doubts, the difficulties, the precariousness, and the competition, there are a lot of obstacles in the way of a Dreams & Projects carrier and we all know it. That’s why we talk openly about our trials and successes. « Introduction of the group on Facebook 😉