DigitalNights 100% French

DigitalNights are events dedicated to digital actors. At the beginning of simple bimonthly afterwork in Bordeaux (France), this initiative has turned into an organized discord: highlighting the members of the community, digital debates, games, and discussions. It allows digital actors to discuss different business logics, to share their knowledge and reflections. So developers, editors, marketers, graphic designers, etc. are welcome!

auto-collant et bannière DigitalNights

DigitalNights, DN, what is this ?

The desire to share is more and more important, it came from either to create a bi-monthly evening to establish enriching discussions. The « why » is quite simple: to create synergy between the different digital professions allowing many projects to be born. If they are created, it is because there is a beginning: meeting the right people.

For who ?

We address ourselves as much to digital professionals as to enthusiasts. If you are a developer (front, back, CMS …), designer (graphic designer, UX, UI, …), project manager (PO, CP, PM, …) or even the person behind the computer who tinkers on OpenClassroom, then you are welcome. Digital is everywhere, no matter what sector of your company or what projects you have in the corner of your mind. What matters is to be open to discussions in this environment and meet people who have this in common.

And why in a bar ?

The best discussions are those over a drink. Stay in a casual setting with creativity on the lips. This makes for a free evening, open to the most curious and beneficial to everyone. The idea is to create a synergy, why lock yourself in a place where only the regulars are known?

Photographie de l'initiatrice des DigitalNights prise par Cedric Lorquin

Anything else?

Of course! We are a young community in Bordeaux (France). We obviously have Discord to discuss some topics and to know when the next event will take place. We are open to other French speakers to network with simplicity and fun!

Why the unicorn? Try to guess, maybe the answer will be given. There’s no such thing as randomness for fun, and even less such a thing as nonsense. Let’s face it: we all have glitter in our eyes.